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Current Projects

A 10-month empowerment program. The focus is to help people become conscious participants in their creation as individuals. Many different tools are used from various indigenous traditions to dive deep into our selves, to discover the wisdom and power that lives within each individual. This course is composed of a sequence of five unique weekends designed to provide an integrative, psycho-spiritual experience. (more...)

Maitri Breathwork
developed by Jyoti and Russell Park, is a technique for accessing altered states of consciousness to aid in spiritual development and healing and for integrating the discoveries made while in these states into our everyday lives. (more...)

Ministry Training Program
Becoming a Minister of Prayer through the Center for Sacred Studies (CSS) prepares one to assist others as they move through the many transitions of life. Directed study creates the opportunity to explore specific methodologies, practices, theories, traditions, beliefs, scriptures, and philosophies, as well as allowing for the integration of individual spiritual experiences. In addition to developing the skills and knowledge to act as a support to others, this process is designed to enlighten an individual's practice of worship and daily living—for the purpose of living life as a “walking prayer”.

The Fountain
The Fountain pools together a global alliance of eight visionaries made up of First Nation People representatives and economists, supported by a group of international advisors and assistants. The Fountain works in collaboration with the Center for Sacred Studies, a US charity dedicated to sustaining ways of life based on collaboration and reciprocity with the Earth and all Her beings, which is helping to establish a new economic model for other not for profits. The Fountain group has been gathering since 2013 with the shared intention of restoring a global economy centered on the indigenous principle of Reciprocity, and inspired by Nature and the Sacred. (more...)





Illustrations © 2001 Gina Rose Halpern

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All Illustrations © 2001 Gina Rose Halpern
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