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Stargate is a study group on Non-Ordinary States of Conciousness (NOSC's) created by Jyoti, PH.D. and Russell D. Park, PH.D.

Stargate is a 10-month empowerment program. The focus is to help people become conscious individuals in their creation. Many different tools are used from various indigenous traditions to dive deep into our selves to discover the wisdom and power that lives within each individual. This course is composed of a sequence of five unique weekends designed to provide an integrative, psycho-spiritual experience.

Each weekend has a theme that is similar to may other paths of initiation. The first step is "Preparation" where we start the process of acknowledging our wounded selves and learn tools to move into our empowered selves. Step two, "Purification", takes the participant deeper into aspects of what does not serve us any more. For instance, we work with cleansing the body by fasting and participating in Native American sweatlodge. The third step is "Initiation" when we study service as one of the tools of initiation. On our fourth meeting, we study "Integration" while participating in a vision quest. Our final step is "Actualization" when we get to dance our power alive.

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The work helps people to become more aware of their unconscious behavior and helps them make conscious choices. It also helps individuals to open up and listen to their inner wisdom and discover the person that lives inside. It supports the person to step out of any falsehood that they have created and enables them to live more consciously and joyously.

In every culture except "modern" Western culture, the use of NON-ORDINARY STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS (NOSC’s) was integrated into everyday life, usually on a community wide level.

  Illustrations © 2001 Gina Rose Halpern

These states were used for healing, for solving problems, for religious purposes, and for ritual, celebration, and communion with nature. Therapists, physicians, and clergy are now validating and utilizing some of these states for their own work with the human body mind-spirit. The advancement and practice of these experiential, depth therapies and subtle techniques requires experiential exposure and often raises unique questions.

For example, what do you do when the client’s process conflicts with your beliefs or ignites your own emotional wounds? How do you facilitate a very vulnerable or potentially explosive inner process without limiting its unfoldment? How do you learn to listen to the direction of the archetypal or unconscious energy? How do you utilize the environment, the therapeutic "container" to encourage expression of subtle or healing energy in a safe way? What subtle awareness or preparations do you, as a "psycho-spiritual field catalyst" need to undertake? How do you learn to listen to the client’s soul or higher self through the unconscious processes?

These are but a few of the questions that will be explored in STARGATE, designed to teach how to work with NOSC’s. Every other month we will come together to explore through the experience of NOSC’s, the potential of subtle energies, allowing us to follow our own, or another’s psyche rather than attempt to direct or control these natural inner processes.

This study group is designed for both professionals and non-professionals who work with, or want to work with NON ORDINARY STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS. The course draws upon rituals, breathwork, transpersonal imagery, sound and meditation techniques to access NOSC’s. Each session will focus on a theme to access deep evolutionary energies, which begin the understanding necessary for the transformation of suffering and pain into surrender, story and myth - empowering one’s innate abilities to re-member skills that embody the language of the soul.   Illustrations © 2001 Gina Rose Halpern
This is not a therapy group, but rather a study group for waking up in our lives so we can make conscious choices that affect all aspects of our lives. People will learn service through surrender and stillness - thus enabling them to embrace the Mystery.

After this first year of study, there is an option to learn more and become certified in Maitri Breathwork™, which is one of the tools we use during the first year.


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